What Are You Doing Right Now? Here, I Am Procrastinating Like A Pro.

Yep, I am procrastinating cause for days I am avoiding to write some things: my books, my courses, my Menopause posts. I am having some anxiety issues when the subject is writing whatever. Hehehe Nothing new, just wish it had improved. At least a little.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels.

Anyways, and how about you? What are you doing at this moment? Did you get some work done? Is procrastinating like me (aka a Pro)? Drop me a line below, cause I do want to know.

Most of the time it is really lonely this thing called blogging. And by any means this is a bad thing at all. However, sometimes it is nice to hear at least a Hi from out there, the other side of the computer. Connect with your energy.😉😁😘

How Do You Feel About This Quote?




Let me know dropping me a line on the Comments section down below.👇🏼

I personally agree. I believe that every thing we do, speak, think… every behave we have towards another person tells something about ourselves. And we should listen to it.

And I also believe that every thing that bugs us regarding the other is something we need to work on ourselves more than anything. Not necessarily because we are alike that feature in particular but because there is some thing in there that needs to be addressed at some level. What? Only digging, dealing with it will tell.

Why Is A Good Idea To Have A Great LoungeWear Wardrobe

In any age, your loungewear clothes should be picked as any other clothes in your wardrobe: carefully curated to suit your body type, personal style, lifestyle and taste. And equally immaculated: no buttons missing, no holes, no discolouration, no worn out pieces. Because they do matter. Even if you live alone. And no, it is not because we never know who can knock at our doors (although that would be a good pro)… but because you deserve to present yourself in your best version all the time, even when there is no one around but yourself. Because you are worthy and deserve it. Full stop.

My loungewear jumpsuit that goes easily from my couch to the market.

With that in mind, picking good pieces to lounge at your house is a must. And here I am not implying that you should buy expensive, high quality, fashion forward clothes. Not at all. Basic, comfortable, affordable and yet good looking and good to be in clothes that totally flatter you and your body type will do it. Think about pieces that you can stay comfy at home but if you need you could go to the market nearby to buy groceries or walk your dog at the park or even go to the mall and rock it. Think of pieces that look good on you, colorwise, shapewise, modelwise.

And no, you don’t need a lot of pieces, just a few to cover both cold and warm weather, perfect pieces to wear them off. And when they get to the point they need replacement, do so. Because the idea here is to have clothes in the perfect shape to wear in and out.

Here is a list of how a good loungewear wardrobe could be:

  • 3 short sleeves tees or any short sleeves tops.
  • 3 long sleeves tees or any long sleeves tops.
  • 2 sweaters.
  • 2 cardigans or any other coat.
  • 2 comfy pants like leggings or a straight leg pants.
  • 1 flowy jumpsuit.
  • 3 dresses.

If you don’t like any of the pieces on the list, you don’t need to include them. For instance, if dresses are not your thing, you don’t need to include them. Instead, add more pants and tees. If you like shirts, tunics, boho blouses (or dresses) you can add them as well. This is just a very impersonal list I made above. Make it personal to you and your style. Please.

And yes, if you dye your hair at home or do anything that could bleach, stain or ruin your clothes, you can have two set of clothes for that activity. Those clothes can be the damage ones. No problem. For any other activities, make sure your clothes are impeccable.

Here there is a Pinterest board with good ideas for a good and versatile loungewear wardrobe. Some of the looks featured on this board are already outdoors look so you can have the feeling how it is a loungewear that you can go out with.

And this approach to loungewear should be embraced especially but not only for us, women going through any phase of Menopause. Cause more than ever, the loungewear wardrobe will matter since lounging is gonna be our favorite estate, right? And if you build your loungewear wardrobe with that in mind, you will not need to change your clothes if you have to interrupt your lounging to go out for a quick ride. You will be ready to go. And in style.

What To Do When Perfectionism Is Keeping You Stuck

Well, if I knew the path to solve this dilemma I wouldn’t be here stuck, eating sugar compulsively, procrastinating like a crazy person as if I had plenty of time to do whatever… Instead, I would be out there or just here, getting, in fact, some major business done.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

And man, how I need to get some business done. I am desperately for it. Lately I have had so many good ideas that I want to put in practice, so many projects to work on, so many posts to write about, so many things to say, to share… Yep, overwhelming. And of course, I want everything to come across just perfect. As perfect as it is in my mind. And when I start to execute and notice that is not quite like it, I freeze, I get stuck. And I do because I doubt myself and my ability in doing something as perfect as I expect them to be. This curb totally my enthusiasm, my drive to do whatever.

I remember when I was a teenager and wanted to start a journal, write my thoughts or anything that came to my mind in a gorgeous notebook and obviously in a beautiful way. But I never ever managed to started one because in my mind my writing was not that great and my calligraphy was messy, rushy and ugly. So, no way I would be able to journal as “I should”. Therefore, why bother doing it in a first place?…

Right? If in order for someone to be pleased with that action, that level of perfection is required, then probably right.

However, if someone was looking for something else, like a vent escape, a place to anchor their thoughts and let their feelings unfold, then probably wrong.

As I read somewhere recently:

“Perfectionism is the fear of being criticized.”

Not so sure if I agree with that. Because if that is the case, as my example above illustrated so well, ship has sailed cause even before we start or when we are just starting something, we are already being heavily criticized by ourselves. And that criticism never stops. And usually a perfectionist’s critic on the self is way harder than anyone else could possibly be.

But maybe that is why we, perfectionists are afraid of criticism. What if other people’s critic is even harder than ours?

Would that be even possible? Just wondering here…

But if it is, we are so used to our own that it shouldn’t be much harder to deal with other’s harsh thoughts…

In any case, underneath it all, there is a serious mind and emotional game playing on and on that doesn’t allow me to live by the only mantra that I truly believe could break this perfectionism spell: just go and do it, imperfectly, but do it. Because there is no other way to address this matter. No meditation, no therapy, no breathe. Just plain behavioral mindset. Go and do it. Imperfectly but done should be good enough.

It is not for a perfectionist, but it should. That is what keep successful people doing. And greatly.

Because they know there is no such thing as perfection. Just:

Perfectly Imperfect.

Or Imperfectly Perfect.

They know perfectionism is an unreachable goal that we set to sabotage ourselves in doing something, anything. That is why it doesn’t matter to them. Not as much. Not to the point of keeping them from doing it.

Deep inside, I particularly know that to be true, but still, it is very hard to accept that and live by that. Cause even deeper inside we are programmed to reach perfectionism.


But I guess, if we want to move out of this perfectionism hole, this is the only rope around we have. So, that is my plan to beat that perfectionism monster within. Keep doing it. The best I can. Perfectly Imperfect. Imperfectly Perfect. Regardless what my bitchy perfectionist self think.

The Right Weapons To Win A Fight

A quick thought that just came to my mind yesterday morning:

We don’t fight hate with hate, intolerance with more intolerance; if we want to change things, to change situations, to change people’s mind and behavior, we need to shift the vibration to the one we want to have instead. That is the only way we can replace one for the other. Otherwise, one intolerance will replace the other, one hate will replace the other and the vibration will remain the same. We don’t fight fire with more fire, cause if we do, all we will gonna get is more fire. And this extra fire will make the fire even more powerful, not less.

So the vibration.

On top of that, if we don’t bring light to this fight so the other side can see what caring, loving and tolerance is all about and how it feels, how can they shift their own hate and intolerance vibrations since they only know this one?

Love 💕 Caring 🌸 Kindness 🌼 Compassion 💜Those are the weapons to fight this fight and succeed! Vibrate on that frequency to bring that to our reality.