Thank God, There is Nothing Like A Day After Another Day… After Another

Because sometimes, you need one more day to reboot the bad vibe. It happens.

Recently I had one of those heavy, bad days where everything seems to be bad, sad or hopelessly that there is not enough Meditation, Palo Santo or coarsed salt to sage it away. One bad news after another, one cruel slap after another. And I just kept reminding myself that tomorrow the vibe would be different, so I should hang it on there, keep breathing that it all shall pass. And that is how I went through that day: looking forward for a renewed tomorrow. And then tomorrow came and guess what? Although the heavy vibe was not around, in my early morning walk I sprained my ankle. Damn.

Sometimes the bad vibe ripple can still resonate for a little while.

And thank God, that all I could think after that was there is nothing like a day after another day…. after another….


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