About Me


Hello there. And welcome! My name is Fab Fernandes. I am a 47 year old Personal Stylist/Image Consultant, with a degree in Fashion Marketing, a Reiki practitioner, Kundalini enthusiastic, single (but in love), vegetarian since I am 16 years young, basically a tea person, originally from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I still live in Rio but for the past 3 years I have spent some months every year in New York City, a place where I feel cozily at home. A place I am deeply grateful for, because it has helped me to put my pieces back together. A place that helped me to restore my health (physically, mentally and spiritually), but above all, it restored my willing to live. No, I am not suicidal. It just feels like I spent 47 years of my life not living. And I am not overstating it. It is what it is. That simple.

But now all I want is to live. And share a few things with you. About my life so far and what is about to come.

All I can say is I am exciting about it!