The Magic Of Silence

As a person with a loud mind, if there is one thing that I appreciate and treasure is silence. A pity that it doesn’t happen quite often. But when I manage to be in complete silence it is when I can hear my deep self. I haven’t heard from my bliss or dream yet (or maybe I have, just don’t believe and embrace it as I should), but I do hear me speaking. Softly, almost as if it was a whisper, a whisper of me, claiming to be. Whoever I am.

And that is the magic of silence.


Not Quite There Yet

In my spiritual journey, in my personal or professional life that is where I stand: not quite there yet. And in a way, it is Okay. But let’s face it: it can be highly frustrating. Especially when you read other people stories on how they made it. It feels like it all happened like magic, flew so well and the happy ending is lasting ever since. No backdrops. I am sure it is far from being the case (unless you are Carole King, although her happily ever after had some bad moments too), but that is how it looks like it. The truth is: being in the not quite there yet moment is so uncomfortable and there are a lot of agony, anxiety, sadness, doubts, uncertainties, fear, insecurity… that is really hard to talk about it, I believe. That is why we hear little about it.

But that is a shame, because when we are in the not quite there yet zone is when we need the most some ground, some feeling of relatability just to rest our heads on for a moment and yet, we cannot find it.

So if you are in the not quite there yet zone, be aware that you are not alone. I am also there, I am also lost, feeling something major is missing, not so sure if I am going to the right direction, doing the right things. Most of the time I feel I will never make it, that I am not good enough to make it. I feel not worthy. I feel terrible for being trapped here. Because it does feel as if I am trapped. With no perspective to get the hack out of here.

But I have faith. I have mu back. I am here and I am willing to keep up, keep going, hoping to get there. Eventually.

Using Henna To Enhance The Eyebrows

And this method is called Henna brows. This is a non-permanent brow filling that I ended up trying a few days ago when I went to the lady who usually does my brows and she suggested I gave it a try. And she did, because this time the end of my eyebrows were kind of thinner than their usual. The thing is I only do my brows professionally every few months and in between sessions I keep them “groomed”myself. I pluck around and cut the hair close to my eyebrows shape, but only the ones I believe shouldn’t be there. And I cut instead of plucking just in case I am wrong. This time I guess I cut way too much. Hehehe

Anyways, up to this moment I hadn’t heard of henna brows. I knew about tattooing the skin with henna but not the brows. What happen here is that you also dye the skin, not the hair. The henna pigment stain the skin beneath your brow hair, giving the impression you have a more defined, perfect eyebrow, with no flaw or sparseness. Also it can give them a fuller vibe.

Me and my Henna Brows.

In another words, your eyebrows stand out a little more. And it does look very natural. Even more than when you use make up for it.

By the way, henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as hina or the henna tree. Henna has been around since ancient Egyptian times when it was used for many purposes such as dyeing hair, clothes, fabrics and as make up.

The henna brow process is quick and safe, although, if it is your first time using henna, before applying it straight to your eyebrows you should test to see whether or not you are allergic to it. You never know until you use it.

And yes, it is a better idea to go to a professional to do it for you. The session can last up to 15 minutes. Mine took around 5 cause I wanted a very light touch for my first time. Plus I do think that something too strong can frame even more the little imperfections I’d rather conceal like wrinkles and spots.

The Henna Brows lasts around 10 to 15 days. After that, it fades away. To keep it for longer it is better not to wash or exfoliate the eyebrow area.

Although I never tried tattooing or microblading, I believe, for what I have seen around, this is a good and more natural looking alternative to fill your brows. And you can have perfect eyebrows all day long for up to 2 weeks with no make up retouching. And if you don’t like the results, in 2 weeks will go away.