Clearing Out Those Cloudy Days

It has been a while since my last post here and I would love to say this was because my life at this side of the computer screen was pretty busy and exciting. But it wasn’t the case. I was just going through one of those moments when there is this gray cloud above your head surrounding you everywhere you go. Those moments when every little thing you do seems to be wrong or not working. Not the beast place to be, but hey, it is part of being alive. It happens as much as s**t happens. And all we can do is try to make a good sense out of it. Try to learn something or THAT thing that made you go through this.

Breathe. Deep. In and out. All the way through.


Practice some thing spiritual. In my case Kundalini.

Dig deep in.


Be opened to listen to yourself.

And embrace whatever it comes.

It also helps to face it with a sense of humour.

Or a sense of adventure.

Because it is an adventure. To the other side. To the shadow-ish side.

A side that is also a part of who we are, even if we don’t want it to be. Really hard.

And if this is the case I have got news for you: this is THE thing that is keeping you stuck. THE thing that probably is sabotaging all your attempts to live a full life, to be you and feel you. To accomplish THAT thing you are so desperately wants.

Don’t fight that part of who you are. You don’t want him/her as your enemy.

Instead, welcome.


Show compassion.

Love even.

Hug honestly.

Or at least let him/her talk and listen.

Be there.

Sometimes that is all she/he/they want.

And if it’s not, being there, opened to listen to a honest answer will get you to figure out what you need to do to move on. 😉🌸

How To Remove That White Stains On Nails Caused By Nail Polish

If you wear nail polish, especially if it stays on your nails for longer than it should be, you probably noticed some white stains/spots on them when you remove the color. Been there, done that.

And although they look nasty they are pretty harmless. And with a substantial amount of moisturizer they will go away completely overnight. Not kidding.

See? Actually, to see it better, click on each photo and there you go.

My go to moisturizer to address it is Bepantol Baby cream. But as far as I know you can put any moisturizer on them and voilà, problem solved.

Usually I like to give some break for my nails between nail polishes, like at least a night. Sometimes a day or two. Just so can they “breathe” freely.

Again, this is just an effective treatment for those spots/stains caused by the nail polish not those white spots that can sometimes appear out of nowhere in our nails. Here there is an article about them and their possible causes (that includes allergies, mineral deficiency, fungal infection and nail injury).

Some Days You Just Feel Off

It happens. And there is nothing I can do to revert it. I wish I could be one of those people who can turn an off vibe into an on vibe. But I am not. Regardless what I do, I just feel off.



Lost in Translation.

As if nothing works.

I can’t work.

Or think.

There is no perspective.

No hope.

Just a sense of sadness.

An emptiness.

Nothing fulfills.

Nothing brights up.

Nothing makes sense.

Not even a post. This post.

All I can do is let it be.

Embrace it.


Stay in.

Have some fun with it.

And wait till it goes away.

Because it will.

Like always.

Although deep in my heart I know this is so true, also deeper in there somewheret I am still waiting for that person to do this trick.

I know: stupid me. But I can’t help thinking that this would be soooooo much easier (right?) and magical (maybe?) than figuring out all by myself. Yep, I am lazy. And currently tired. Of failing. Of being stuck. Of never getting there.

But still, in spite of it all, I can sense that sparkle in me that doesn’t let me give up. Ever. Even if nobody else is coming for the rescue. I know I am enough. And that person I see in the mirror every single day will get there. Eventually.


TradeMark Style: Repeating The Elements You Like

If you have a combo that you like, feel yourself, looks good on you and it is perfect for that occasion you are heading to, of course you can repeat that combo. Endlessly. Even for days in a row. It’s not a fashion sin. At all. Actually, this consistency of wearing particular elements are key to give a proper shape to your trademark style. They will enforce your visual statement.

Go for them. Shamelessly.

To illustrate that, here I am repeating the elements I currently love: my skinny jeans with a double cuff, my brown heeled sandals, my favorite bracelet party and of course, my substantial index finger ring. A big stoned ring that is part of my trademark style squad, a ring that I love to rotate, but I always keep it in the same vibe.

And yes, before I forget to mention… the way you decide to wear a particular piece like a cuffed jeans can be part of your trademark style as well. I for instance keep on repeating this little twist on mine every time I wear sandals with.

Besides varying the index finger ring, the only other thing I changed in the look was the top. The top was my variable element. And to be honest, that is all you need to have an entirely new look vibe. Because you don’t need different pieces head to toe to have that. Just one different piece will do the trick. But still, just like the index finger ring I kept the style vibe in both tops: flowing, kind of boho AND in a lively color. Because boho and a lively color (or a print) are part of my trademark style. Totally me.

I can say the same about a red nail polish. So me. In this case I also like to rotate so I wear different shades of red. But it is 99% of the time red. Having said that, if you adore a particular shade of a nail polish this could be your trademark nail polish. You don’t need to rotate at all. You cab be faithful to just one particular shade. No problem. Au contraire.

As you can see, you can develop your own trademark style being consistent not only with the pieces you wear but also how you chose to wear them. And you can wear that particular piece or vary that piece with options that are in the same vibe you are tuned in. Bearing that in mind will put you in the right trademark style track.