Keep Yourself Hydrated

I already told you about my crush on moisturizer. But I am also very enthusiastic about keeping my inner body hydrated. I know it is a cliché but I do believe that we need to nourish ourselves inside first. Without it, no matter what we do outside, the outcome is never gonna be optimal, to say the least.

Add some flavor to your water could help to drink plenty of water daily.
Photo: Pixabay.

Our body, aka this wonderful and powerful machine uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. All those functions require water, plus we loose water breathing, sweating, and digesting food, therefore it’s super important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water, like soups, some vegetables like zucchini, for instance.

The amount of water everyone needs vary according a number of factors, such as the climate one lives in, how much one sweats, how physically active a person is and whether or not someone is having heath issues or a disease. And because of that one thing I do since ever is to drink some liquid all along the whole day. I try my best to never feel thirsty. And for that I drink lots of tea, kombucha, coconut water and water. Those are my fixes. And it has been for years. And I do believe it has helped my skin looking pretty good, my metabolism, my digestion… And speaking of digestion, keeping ourselves hydrated could help you to deal with constipation, a common feature among us, menopausers and perimenopausers.

And how ab out you? How do you keep yourself hydrated from inside out? Let’s talk.

Glad I Am Sweating Again


Yep, I am. I know that sweating is highly unpleasant and nobody with a sane mind would be glad to sweat. But I do and I can explain: maybe 10 or 15 years ago, one day, I noticed that no matter the weather, the intensity of the heat or the physical activity I was practicing I was not sweating at all. Not even one drop of it. I was not even turning on the air conditioner to sleep under a 105 F/40 C temperature. A fan was enough to keep me sleeping well. Go figure. Back then I thought this was due to my zen-ish state of mind, the fact I was vegetarian for years and also due to my daily Qi-Gong practice. It should be it, right?

Wrong. Very wrong, indeed.

Now I know why I was not sweating back then: I became B12 deficient and my methylation got all messed up. [I will make posts about B12 and Methylation soon, so I will explain them fully]. And thanks to it, a lot of things started to be off. Like a bad side effects. And one of those things was not sweating.

Plus not so long ago I found out that I have a MTHFR mutation (I am a compound heterozygous) which makes me a perfect candidate to detox poorly. And with my methylation off due to my B12 deficiency… I was in big trouble. And back then not aware of it.

After I realized my conditions (it took me a long time by the way) and correct them, little by little all things started to go back to its optimal function. I still have some things off but I am still very focus on dealing with them. Up to this point I will say I am at my 90% optimal self. Or close enough. And sweating was one of the things that I got back. Pretty soon. And sweating is not just an unpleasant thing. It has a great function because it is one way our bodies expel toxins and prevents diseases related to toxin overload. And since we live in a world full of toxins, in a world where we eat them, we drink them, we breathe them, we use them on our bodies, even choosing wisely, it is very hard to avoid 100% all of them, all the time. And even a little amount can bring some bad side effects, especially for us who have a MTHFR mutation and/or have the whole methylation cycle off.

That is why I am glad for sweating again. The feeling of being sweat wet everywhere is not a good one at all. On top of that, since I started using healthier deodorants I have had to deal with wet armpits as well since none of those are anti perspirant. And they are not because sweating is one way our body detox from inside out, as I mentioned before. Therefore something necessary. That is why the healthier options of deodorants don’t block that function. And the armpits sweat. And get wet.

But still, glad for it. Because usually, only when we lose something and find out how valuable it was, then we can appreciate that. Even when it is not something that pleasant. hehehe